Chophouse visit Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School, Waterloo

The Chophouse is a great place to graze & groove and a great supporter of the ACMF.

When we invited their management staff to see ACMF music teacher, Rachel Scott running our music education program at Our of Lady Mount Carmel Primary School recently, they jumped at the chance. Here are year 5 showing off their drumming skills and the girls from Chophouse having a giggle.

Assitant Manager, Mark Chinnock said, “We had a blast.  Rachel is  great.  So much energy!  I loved the hands on approach to teaching, and learning more about the children, their backgrounds and then seeing them smiling, listening and enjoying learning was great.
Mark also mentioned that he was personally shocked to learn that  all Australian public schools do not teach music, “ I really had no  idea,” he said.  “In the U.K. I had 2 hour music lessons, once a  week until the age of 14″