ACMF inspires indigenous Students

ACMF inspires indigenous Students

The ACMF free music education program at The Murri School in Acacia Ridge, Queensland, engages more than half the school’s total number of students from Prep through to year 12.  It’s an independent school owned and run by the local Indigenous and Islander Community.


Principal, Philomena Downey recently said, “It’s encouraging to have the support of the ACMF as part of a holistic approach to addressing the many complex needs of our students.  [The ACMF] music program is having a very calming affect and it is wonderful to see the students having this opportunity to explore the world of music in it’s many forms”.


She has observed the lower primary ACMF music teacher, Bec Laughton, using a quiet manner to develop a wonderful sense of order in the classroom saying, “The class has structure and process and the students respond well to being organised and we are starting to see an increase in self confidence and a real interest in music playing”.


At the schools last Speech Day, when the ACMF music students performed, a record 800 parents and community members attended.