The healing power of music…

The healing power of music…

Of all the great work that our ACMF teachers undertake, there’s nothing quite as heart wrenching as our hospital music therapy program for sick and injured children.


It’s difficult to simply translate, the diversity and complexity involved in working with hospitalised children.  Kym Weatherley is the ACMF Registered Music Therapist at the Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH) in Randwick, NSW and she is often struck by how no two children are alike and no two music sessions are ever the same.


Kym has conducted over 140 music therapy sessions for patients and their families at the SCH since the ACMF commenced it’s program at the hospital last May.  She recently told us about a little boy named “E” who is a long-term patient suffering a chronic illness.  He was very withdrawn initially and even scared of the ukulele.  But after weeks of gently introducing little “E” to music and gradually building a rapport with him, he was last seen playing air guitar in the hospital corridors on his ACMF blow up plastic guitar!


Well done Kym and thank you for your dedication to changing young lives through the power of music.