ACMF Music teacher Glenn Dunkling’s approach to teaching

ACMF Music teacher Glenn Dunkling’s approach to teaching

In a recent conversation, Glenn Dunkling, who is an ACMF music teacher at the Acmena Juvenile Justice Centre in Grafton, relayed this about the role that philosophy plays in his teaching style and the importance of using music to teach disadvantaged youth as much about life as music…

“I am primarily a singer/songwriter and we discuss many aspects of music making in our sessions.  At times I write quite “deep” songs and I willingly perform them for the kids as a way of inspiring them.  This leads us to some rather weighty conversations on life, love, art, and the role of an artist in relation to society at large.

The one thing you can’t do when learning music is fool yourself, and this ties in beautifully with Socrates’ “know thyself” dictum.

As I tell the kids, music has given me just about everything of value in my own life, but it’s an exchange, and as we adults know, you only get out of something what you are prepared to put into it.  Believe me…they “get it”.

Needless to say, Glenn’s sensitive approach is a great asset as an ACMF music teacher and he has a special bond with his students.