acmf music program End of year reports

acmf music program End of year reports

At this time of the year we love getting back reports from the schools and centres where we run our music programs, with good news about the impact the programs are having on the students, the school and the wider community.

Here’s what Laura Gissara, the Music Teacher at Sunshine College (West Campus) had to say about our two ACMF Music Teachers at her school, Mark Grunden and Simone Lang.

“The ACMF program has made a big impact to the music program at Sunshine College. Both Mark and Simone have been adopted into the school family and have built positive relationships with both students and staff.

I believe that all the students involved in the ACMF programs form a unity, a bond between them. There is an increase in participation, a feeling of being part of something, a group. It’s an opportunity a lot have never experienced.

This year both our year 8 drumming classes ventured out into the local community to two different Primary Schools to educate and showcase their skill and knowledge about African drumming. These visits not only allow for the students to obtain performance exposure, but also aim to work and build on developing relationships within the local community.

Honestly, the entire program has been such a great success at Sunshine College. We have seen so many great results within our groups and the performances speak for themselves. I will continue to work hard to keep the ACMF program running successfully and efficiently at Sunshine College. “