Broadmeadows SDS children are wonderful… just like their NSC 2012 song entry

Broadmeadows SDS children are wonderful… just like their NSC 2012 song entry

“Broadmeadows Special Developmental School is a school in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, which caters for students aged 5-18 with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. Students come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and bring with them unique and varied strengths, abilities and personalities. The school encourages each student to access and utilise their own individual voice and to express themselves in clear, meaningful and positive ways.

The music program at the school provides students opportunities to communicate in alternative and creative ways: music allows students to interact with and without words, and enables them to be heard in a safe and supported environment.

The song “I’m wonderful”, originally came out of a song-writing process with students in the school choir earlier this year. The song quickly became a hit through the school and was chosen to be performed as the whole-school finale at the annual school concert in September. Students from the early to senior years were dedicated to learning and rehearsing the song-words and key-word signs with teachers and staff in the weeks leading up to the concert. As the clip shows, everyone came together beautifully, stood tall and delivered a wonderful performance to friends and families from the school community.”

Thank you to Imogen V. Rees, for sending the ACMF this information, as well as the video below.


Video filmed and produced by BluePrint.