The Matraville kids express their excitement about Sydney Christmas 2012

The ACMF has been conducting music programs at Matraville Soldiers’ Settlement School since March 2006. We are delighted that their talented choir is going to be performing with Don Spencer OAM (our Founder) at the City of Sydney’s Sydney Christmas events in late November/early December.

Thank you to Maurice Johnson (Principal), Rachel Scott and the proud parents and teachers of these fabulous children for making this all possible.

They are working very hard and enthusiastically practising and preparing for these special events with ACMF Teacher Rachel Scott. In one of the classes this last week, they wrote down their thoughts and feelings about music and the performances.

Class 4J says: “I’m looking forward to going to the Christmas carols because last time I went it was so fun. We got to sing and sing to a lot of people. I’m also looking forward to going because we have fun and I get to spend time with my friend and the best music teacher ever Miss Scott.”

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