Message from Hillston Central School Principal

Message from Hillston Central School Principal

We wanted to share with you all the excitement that the Royal Australian Navy Band’s visit to Hillston Central School last week brought to the school community. Have a read of the below, which featured in the school newsletter recently:

Music dominated most of last week at school. The presence of Rachel Scott introduced percussion, rhythm and much excitement among the students. Within the school it was very pleasing to see normally shy students becoming animated and engaged with music. There were many instances when students showed some great musical skill. These visits are a real highlight of the term.

The presence of the Royal Australian Navy band was felt immediately. Walking around the playground on Wednesday in their crisp white uniforms they were instantly noticeable. Yet it was their willingness to interact with the students that made the most impact. The sailors/Band members spent as much time as they could coach the school band members and generally talking with the students. The performance for the school on Wednesday was a real highlight of the year. The band also included the Hillston Central School Band in the performance of the first two items. This was a great experience for our students. To play alongside a professional and experienced band of musicians added to their own enjoyment of the day. The school drumming groups also gave a performance showing the great skills that they learned from Rachel. During the band‘s performance each of the instruments was highlighted. The variety of music ranged from swing to very contemporary. They also played to a very engaged and enthusiastic audience. In this performance more than a third of the school‘s students were actively involved in the music.

Steve Chapman, Principal of Hillston Central School, Hillston NSW.

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