Kids have their say about the ACMF music program at Croydon Community School







A new music program started at Croydon Community School in July, for kids on the Autism Spectrum in the Special Edclass. Their teacher, Trish Kruse, requested the program saying ‘Outside of the radio and itunes, there is no music in their life. I feel strongly that immersion in music would not only open their world, but would benefit them immensely in terms of self concept.’

ACMF teacher, Dan Ryan, a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar/drums/percussion as well as computer based music, runs the music program. He’s been a big hit with the kids.  Here’s what some of them had to say.

“It is really good, and if anything was better it would be too good to be true” (Patrick)
“We love it” – “some students aren’t meant for music but they’re giving it their best” (Kallum)
“Dan is very good at what he does, and he is able to tend to our suggestions or needs” (Lachie)
“I am a drummer” (Drew)

You can see Patrick in the photos above, which were taken the day all the percussion instruments we sent arrived at the school.