The Australian Songwriters Association sings ACMF praises

Some people know me as a Songwriter but in my “real life”, most people know me as a Mum to 4 young children! I was lucky enough to win the Rudy Brandsma Award for Songwriting Excellence at last years ASA Awards and I was so honoured to receive this wonderful accolade. My passion is music and I love to write songs, but I am also passionate about introducing music back into the primary school curriculum. Music somehow got lost in the system and many country and city schools are now without a music program for primary school children! The principal at our local school summed it up for me one day when she said a “school without music is a school without a soul”…so, I decided to teach music on a voluntary basis, 2 classes a week and accompany the school choir on piano!

Two years ago I Googled songwriting contests for children and the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) came up. I knew nothing about this organisation back then but entering my kids in their fantastic competition began a wonderful affiliation with an amazing group of people. I thought I would share with you some information about the ACMF, their National Songwriting Competition and the amazing work this foundation does to provide music to disadvantaged children across Australia….
By Katie Hardyman.

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