The Banton Brothers (ACMF teachers) tell an inspirational story







“The last couple of months in our programs have been a major growth journey for so many of the participants, particularly in the areas of self confidence and self worth. Even with so many success stories in the programs, one 15 year old young man’s story sticks in our mind.

For privacy reasons, we will call him ‘Joe’. We met him about 2 and a half years ago at one of our juvenile justice centre programs. He was withdrawn, quiet and very easily agitated. The workers took us aside and warned us of his frequent outbursts and that we didn’t have to have him in the music program if we felt unsafe or threatened. We discussed it and really wanted to give him his opportunity so we continued with the program and explained the guidelines to all of the participants: No swearing, smut, or glorifying crime allowed in any of the lyrics. None of the boys were sure that they could adhere to the guidelines and were very vocal about it, except for ‘Joe’.

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