Great work underway the Murri School in Brisbane

Great work underway the Murri School in Brisbane







ACMF teacher and ukulele player extraordinaire, Pete Lans, has started working for us again at the Murri School in Brisbane. Pete delivered our music program at Gray Primary School in Darwin for two years, where he ended up with a great ukulele band, before packing up his family and heading off on a road trip round Australia for six months.

During that time, he and his daughters hosted ukulele classes for the QLD Show Children School – the show kids have a classroom in a semi–trailer, so they don’t miss out on schooling as they travel round Australia with their Show families.

Happily for us, Pete wound up in Brisbane where he’s now teaching ukulele to the lucky kids at the Aboriginal and Indigenous Community School (Murri School), complementing the good work already being done at the school by our other ACMF teacher, Gerianne Rudd.

Pete introduced the ukulele to the Murri school kids in March, to great excitement. Within a couple of weeks some of them were so interested they wanted to buy their own instruments. The kids have really taken to the ukulele and Pete’s working hard to get them to performance standard, as well as getting them to read and understand ukuleles “tablature”.

Thank you to Payton’s for providing ACMF with the ukuleles as well as their invaluable and ongoing support of the ACMF music programs.