The positive impact of the ACMF music program

The positive impact of the ACMF music program

Here’s what a Principal from an ACMF program school said in his Bi-Annual report about the positive impact of the Music Program on the students at his small primary school in rural Victoria:

“The children have all shown improvement in their attitude, confidence and desire to ‘put themselves on show’ since the beginning of the music program. The children(and their parents) eagerly await the end of term concerts where they have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.”

“The increased confidence is evident in the grade 6 boy who volunteered for the role in the musical of Gene Kelly (Singing in the Rain) when he said “I like to sing and I enjoy dancing so why not?”

“Another Grade 6 boy has been through a dreadful marriage break-up and has been a victim of a variety of court orders and been taken from parent to parent and school to school. This boy is extremely engaged with the music program, his father has set up a music room at home, purchased musical instruments and is really engaging and bonding with him because of the interest and motivation created by the ACMF music program in both 2011 and 2012.”