Trombone donation brings joy to Liam from Sanderson Middle School in Darwin

Trombone donation brings joy to Liam from Sanderson Middle School in Darwin







Liam got a letter inviting him to join the all schools concert Band put together by the NT School of Music, but that he needed his own trombone to join. His Mum was waiting for her tax return to buy him a trombone. She works for Save the Children, working in Aboriginal Town Camps around Darwin. Liam hasn’t been a model student, could easily have become disengaged with school if it hadn’t been for the Band program at Sanderson Middle School. He loves it and this is what keeps him coming to school. ACMF was contacted by Jacinta Chartres from The Smith Family, to see whether there was a trombone that could be donated to Liam. We were very excited to confirm that indeed there was a trombone available.

Dicko, our Ambassador and Board Member was in the ACMF office when Lawrie Chartres came to collect the trombone, so we took a photograph of the handover, for posterity.

See the below report from Jacinta, outlining the emotion and excitement around the trombone presentation to Liam:

“The handover of the trombone went well this morning as you will see by the photos. Liam’s Mum was teary. Liam was all quiet and solemn at first, but once he got his hands on the trombone, he couldn’t contain himself and broke out in big smiles. I even got a hug from him. I loved it when Liam’s Mum saw Don Spencer’s signature on the certificate and said ‘Liam, that is Russell Crowe’s wife’s Dad!’. Liam didn’t look as impressed as his Mum was about that bit of information!”