Danielle Spencer on Dancing With The Stars supporting the ACMF

Danielle Spencer on Dancing With The Stars supporting the ACMF







ACMF was delighted to be supported by Danielle Spencer on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Danielle partnered with dancing talent Damian Whitewood and at the start of the competition she said: “I will work as hard as I can work to stay in and I would love to stay in for as long as possible. I don’t know that I’m confident, but I’m hopeful.”

Danielle did herself and ACMF proud, with making it through to the finals, after numerous breathtaking performances and weeks of rigorous training and rehearsals. Thank you Danielle for your hard work, dedication and fundraising support for ACMF music programs. We thoroughly enjoyed watching you every Sunday night.

Danielle’s musical career was destined from an early age. “It was a very musical household growing up so I guess that was kind of always in my childhood.” The daughter of Don Spencer OAM – a respected musician and renowned TV presenter in Britain and Australia (and our ACMF founder!) – Danielle first started to sing and learn the piano from her father at the age of four.

But she says her musical ability doesn’t extend to the dance floor. “I stand up for a few songs, but I’m a piano playing songwriter so I’m not really breaking out the moves. It’s all
the technique – it looks so beautiful and effortless when you see people doing it and doing it well. I guess that’s the big challenge, trying to make it look effortless and graceful while remembering all of these things.”

Danielle says she first rejected the idea of competing for the coveted mirror ball trophy. “I think initially I kind of shied away from it, probably just out of fear. But I thought it would be fun. Everything I do is very internal – I sit in my room writing songs and you live in your little internal world so I thought it would be nice to do something that’s external and physical and give myself a challenge like that.”

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