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Understanding the impact of our music program

From 2020-23, we conducted a national research report to gauge and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of our music program. As part of this, participants completed a survey about their experiences. We heard from teachers, principals, and students, and are pleased to share these findings with you:

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Don Spencer OAM on Play School

Despite its many cognitive, emotional, and behavioural benefits for children – the majority of Australian public school students do not have access to a specialist music teacher.

In 2002, singer-songwriter and popular children’s entertainer, Don Spencer OAM, founded the Australian Children’s Music Foundation with a mission to change that.

The ACMF believes that EVERY CHILD deserves access to life-changing music education.

“I’ve seen first hand, time and time again, how music sparks creativity and imagination. The power of music can never be underestimated. Playing music is one of the only activities that stimulates and utilises the entire brain.”

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