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Imagine a world without music.

Playing music is one of the only activities that stimulates, and utilises the entire brain.

Despite its many cognitive, emotional, and behavioural benefits for children – the majority of Australian public school students do not have access to a specialist music teacher.

In 2002, singer-songwriter and popular children’s entertainer, Don Spencer, OAM, founded the Australian Children’s Music Foundation with a mission to change that.

The ACMF believes that EVERY CHILD deserves access to a life-changing music education.

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Latest News

Our music programs and initiatives

All across Australia, disadvantaged children and youth engage in free, long-term music programs presented by our specialist teachers. READ MORE about Schools >>

We believe that it is critical to create an outlet for youth in detention to express themselves in a positive way. READ MORE about JJCs >>

Children in hospital benefit immensely from the opportunity to engage in music lessons, presented by our specialist teachers. READ MORE about Music Therapy >>

The ACMF offers support in response to crisis situations (such as droughts and fires) – most notably in the aftermath of the Victorian Bushfires of 2009, which left many schools ravaged and desolate. Some schools went on to become long-term beneficiaries of ACMF music programs and instruments. READ MORE about Crisis Support >>

Every year, students from across Australia are invited to put pen to paper and enter their original song/s in to our annual National Songwriting Competition. READ MORE about the Competition >>

As part of its fundraising efforts, the ACMF is developing music education resource packs that contain lesson plans, activities and ideas that are available for purchase. FIND RESOURCES here >>


ACMF Founder

Don Spencer OAM

“I’ve seen firsthand, time and time again, how music sparks creativity and imagination. Music underpins the resilience and determination that many Australian kids need to overcome the challenges that life throws at them. The power of music can never be underestimated. READ MORE>>

Over 19 years, the ACMF has…

Provided over

Worth of Instruments

Delivered over

Free Music Lessons

Received over

Original Songs for our NSC

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Music for mental health

If you believe in the power of music, you believe in the work that we do.

Many charities are devoted to the physical wellbeing of children.

The ACMF’s focus is on children’s emotional and mental well-being – through the joy and hope found in music.

ACMF music programs have the power to change young lives.

Engagement in music programs:

Enhances fine motor skills.

Boosts literacy & language.

Fosters superior memory.

Builds trust and teamwork.

Builds confidence & resilience.

Research has proven the importance of music education.

Help us change young lives through music.