We at the Australian Children’s Music Foundation passionately believe that every child should have access to a valuable music education.

WHY? Because music is the only activity that activates every known part of the brain, and worldwide research has proven that learning to play music significantly impacts a child’s psychological wellbeing, including his or her academic and social abilities.

Music education is more than just learning about music.

For the growing number of youth suffering from abuse, trauma, hopelessness, and despair – the ACMF uses music as a means to connect with children. Our programs re-engage children with learning, develop their literacy and numeracy, enhance memory and motor skills, and ultimately – strengthen their resilience, discipline, and sense of self-worth – so that they are able to better navigate the world.

If you enjoy music, or perhaps play music yourself – we hope that this will be A CAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT.

The ACMF provide free, long-term music programs and instruments to over 1,700 disadvantaged and Indigenous children and youth at risk annually, across Australia – within schools, juvenile detention centres, music therapy in hospitals, and in Indigenous and isolated regions.

Many charities focus on the physical needs of children – the ACMF’s focus is on children’s EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH. Sadly, 1 in 7 Australian children of primary school age have a mental health issue.

With tax time around the corner, there’s never a better time to give generously to a worthy cause.

The ACMF are a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) – which means that for any donation to us over $2, you can claim the full amount on your tax return.

Funds raised will go toward providing more children with long-term music education programs, equipping them with the joy, hope, and creativity to approach life with confidence.

Any small or large amount will make a difference.

Please don’t hesitate to DONATE NOW as an individual or company at: CLICK HERE TO DONATE before 30 June.


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