As part of its fundraising efforts, the ACMF is developing teaching resource packs that contain lesson plans, ideas and music that are available for sale. These downloadable packs are designed to enable teachers who are not trained in the delivery of music lessons to easily engage their children in participatory music activities. Where possible, these lesson packs identify elements of the curriculum that are covered, and suggest extension activities that go beyond music.

While these resources are designed mainly with primary age children in mind, some aspects may be applicable to secondary school activity as well.

We will be developing more resource packs during 2020, so check back every so often to see what’s been added!

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ACMF ACO Online Lesson – FREE

Australian Children’s Music Foundation teacher Rachel Scott and members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra present a fun and engaging online workshop delving into the world of Mozarts “Rondo a la Turk” for string quartet.

This is suitable for years 5 and 6 students, and year 4 students who have had some musical training.

Explanatory video for teachers/parents HERE.

To play the games in this lesson, you will need to download and print out the sheets available on dropbox HERE. 

The answers for the form analysis are HERE. 

The full video for children to watch and participate in is HERE.

Harmony Day – $25

Harmony Day is held every year on the 21st March to coincide with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs. It’s a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity – a day of cultural respect. What better way to celebrate than through the medium of song? We have included four songs from different cultures in this resource –“A Ram Sam Sam”, “Land of the Silver Birch”, “Senua De Dende” and “Si Si Si”. The first two are more suitable for younger children, and the last two for older children. However, you, as the teacher, know what your children can manage! MP3s are provided of each song, with and without vocal tracks. For each song there is a ‘how to best teach this’ guide, and steps to make the learning process as easy as possible – but please see this only as a guide! Hopefully you may be inspired to create some new teaching ideas of your own from this resource. As with all ACMF teaching resources, there are links throughout the document identifying which elements of the National Curriculum are being addressed. Happy singing!

ANZAC Day – $25

ANZAC day is a great opportunity to incorporate music and art into classrooms, and an excellent discussion point for a range of issues and links to other learning areas. This resource has been generated with years 3-6 in mind. The backing tracks provided with this resource are MP3s (with and without vocal tracks) of a medley of popular WWI era songs – “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, “Pack up your troubles”, and “Mademoiselle from Armèntieres” Also included is an ANZAC art activity, some history of the songs, suggestions for writing your own ANZAC song, discussion points on Indigenous and Diverse troops in WWI, and a recipe for ANZAC biscuits! As with all ACMF teaching resources, there are links throughout the document identifying which elements of the National Curriculum are being addressed.

Don Spencer’s “Feathers, Fur or Fins” – $25

‘Feathers, Fur or Fins’ is a great song for a performance, with or without instruments. Using this resource, you will encourage active listening and begin appreciation of music and understanding of song lyrics. You will find a classroom music lesson for years 2 – 6, some instrument-making activities, a multi-media art activity for younger children and a film-making activity for older children all about animals in your local environment. This is a great way to link music, art, research and environmental awareness into one teaching unit. There are links to the current National Curriculum for ease of reporting.

Don Spencer’s “Jaws and Teeth” – $25

This song comes with a song-writing activity for your class, as well as being a good performance song for assemblies. You will find a simple class music lesson for years 3- 6 encouraging active listening and musical appreciation, a song-writing activity (not as hard as you might think!), a fun healthy food based activity and some crocodile-based discussion activities for your class. This is a great way to sing, introduce song-writing, research and some healthy eating into one teaching unit! There are links to the current National Curriculum for ease of reporting.

Don Spencer’s “Crocodile” – $25

This module, generated with foundation to year 2 in mind, is designed to not just get children singing, but also exploring song-writing, and the fun and creativity that it can unlock. Don has always spoken about the importance of this skill, and so we wanted to incorporate song-writing in this group of resources. ‘Crocodile’ was the perfect inspiration to allow children to get musically creating, either through a simple song, or a musical soundscape. There are also some musical instruments to make and decorate, a fun art idea and some classroom discussions you might like to have with your class as they learn Don’s ‘Crocodile’ song. There are links to the current National Curriculum for ease of reporting, and each module will allow you to explore something different with your class.

Bush Tucker – $25

How is your school celebrating NAIDOC week this year? How about with a song, art, cooking and the creation of a bush tucker garden? For $25 you can purchase this resource, which includes Don Spencer’s song ‘Bush Tucker’ as an mp3 with Don singing (so the class can learn the song), and an mp3 of the backing track (for performance). You will also receive lyrics and suggested actions for the song. Also included are lesson ideas about bush foods, bush food recipes, suggestions for a bush tucker garden, art ideas and some ideas to develop language skills and song-writing. There are extensive learning outcomes for each year group (Foundation – Year Six) listed throughout the resource for ease of assessment.

‘Advance Australia Fair’ Indigenous Languages Version – $25

This version of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ using a combination of Dharawal and Dharug languages was written for the children of Soldiers’ Settlement School, Matraville, Sydney.  Uncle Matthew Doyle, a community elder, musician, composer, performer and school parent wrote the words. It is not a direct translation of the English words used in the song.

The ZIP file that you can download contains four MP3 audio files – the full version of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ with sung lyrics and no lyrics, one track of the phrases in Dharawal/Dharug, and one track of individual words in Dharawal/Dharug. It also contains a PDF with teaching notes, written lyrics and pronunciation guides, and implementation notes.

The backing tracks for performance are designed to have children sing one verse in Dharawal/Dharug, and another in English. See the Youtube clip below for an example of it in action!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas – $25

This resource was developed after a number of primary teachers approached us for help with a song for Christmas performances. ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ was popular with many teachers we spoke to, as it’s easy to sing, has no religious overtones and is very versatile. The download pack contains 2 MP3 files of the song, one with vocals and the other without, and a pdf with teaching notes, lyrics, and other Christmas activities. All activities are linked to the particular National Curriculum items that the activities address. Some schools do not have many percussion instruments, so the resource has ideas about how to make a number of different instruments using household items. Some of these ideas are better suited to older children, all of them can be decorated and personalised, and all of them make great sounds. This resource is intended as a guide for teachers – hopefully you will be inspired to create some new teaching ideas of your own from this resource!

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