School children enjoy ACMF’s music program, supported by Poly Australia.

Sydney based international property developer Poly Australia is passionate about building flourishing communities. To that end, they’ve partnered with the Australian Children’s Music Foundation to bring music education to a local Auburn Primary School.

Over 75% of Australian Public Schools do not have access to a music teacher, depriving them of the many benefits of music education. The ACMF is determined to change this. With the help of Poly Australia, the ACMF are able to bring a music teacher, and an exciting and engaging long-term music program in to the school.

The children there love to participate in both learning music, and performing. ACMF’s programs involve a broad variety of music tuition such as singing and song-writing, percussion, drumming, singing and guitar tuition. The ACMF has found that music education is a wonderful way to connect, and for children to build confidence in themselves. ACMF programs are designed in partnership with each school, to meet the specific needs of the students.

When speaking about Poly’s corporate and social responsibility, Poly Director of Sales and Marketing Jay Carter says, “it’s important to Poly, because it’s our opportunity to give back to the community…to make sure that we are contributing to the communities that we are working with”.

ACMF Music Teacher Brad Bergen confirms this, saying, “The kids just love music. They love the songs, they love being able to bang on instruments – it’s a beautiful way of all of us connecting.” Research has shown that music education can increase school attendance, build trust, develop self-esteem and resilience, and improve key learning areas – among many other academic, social, and cognitive benefits.

As stated by ACMF Founder Don Spencer, the ACMF appreciate its partnership with Poly Australia and would like to grow alongside the company, to be able to give more children access to vital and valuable music education.

Director of Sales & Marketing, Poly Australia believes Social Responsibility is important.