Music is Magic

Music is a critical part of every child’s social, emotional, physical and behavioural development. It encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression, develops literacy and numeracy, increases confidence and self-esteem and most importantly, brings joy, happiness and pride. However, for those students deprived of access to a music education, they are never exposed to the crucial benefits of music and the arts for their health and wellbeing. In order to bridge the gap between the disadvantaged and advantaged, students must have an equal chance to experience the magic of music in their education.

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All across Australia, our dedicated team of teachers motivate, educate and inspire disadvantaged children and youth in free, long-term music programs. Our programs involve a variety of musical experiences, such as percussion, drumming, singing and guitar tuition. As part of our program, we donate musical instruments to schools for the students, to be kept and enjoyed after the end of the program. Our programs are designed in partnership with each school or juvenile justice centre, to meet the specific needs of the students. Programs improve mental health and engagement with learning. Significant outcomes include improvements in literacy and numeracy skills, behaviour and school attendance.

 “If we can’t nurture a love of music, we are doing children a disservice… Just about every child in school would love a music lesson. That balance of creative and academic is what education should be about”

School Principal

“Children with trauma use music as a form of expression and regulation”

School Teacher

“I got to go up on stage and play instruments… and then everything wasn’t as scary as I thought, so I started talking to more people, and then making friends.”

ACMF School Student

“There can be no doubt that our music program impacts on students’ decisions to attend and remain at school.”

Steve Almond

Principal of Cook School, NSW.

“I have seen students who have not said a word in their classroom become actively engaged in ACMF classes. They are suddenly able to join in with their peers and share in the language of music. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and one can only imagine the positive impact it has on these students.”

Louise Treyvaud

Teacher at Albion North Primary School, VIC.

“I have noticed many instances of raised self confidence in students after music lessons. Many students who regularly fail at classwork are much more successful in music, and that shows on their faces.”

Jane Murphy

Assistant Principal at Hillston Primary School, NSW.


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