2019 National Songwriting Competition Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2019 Australian Children’s Music Foundation’s National Songwriting Competition. Since its inception, over 30,000 songs have been written for the Competition!

The Songwriting Competition is only one part of what the ACMF does – the bulk of our activity involves engaging disadvantaged children with free customised music programs and instruments. If you entered the competition and support the work of the ACMF, please donate here…

Year 11-12 Category

Year 7-10 Category

Years 4-6 Category

APRA AMCOS Young Song writer of the Year

Songwriting School of the Year

Alan Kendall Award 2019

“We have to encourage creativity in children. The current education system inhibits creativity – how else will children dream and blossom, if not through creativity? Songwriting is a vital form of self-expression” Songwriting has stopped children self-harming. It has allowed them to speak about abuse and trauma. It has allowed them to express love and forgiveness. It can increase literacy. It can promote understanding.  This competition encourages every child, in every Australian state and territory to explore and create in such a positive way. It’s very important to the work of the ACMF, and me in particular.” Don Spencer, ACMF CEO and Founder.

2019 Prizes

APRA AMCOS Young Songwriter of the Year

$5000 towards musical equipment or tuition for the best songwriter in 2019.

Songwriting School of the Year

$5000 towards musical equipment or resources for the best School entry in 2019.

All entries, years 4 to 12

Allan Kendall Award $1,500. This special judges discretionary prize will be awarded for the most creative and original composition of the 2019 Competition.

Year Groups (prizes available to both School entries and Independant entries):

PRIZES – value of instruments or musical tuition

School Year

Music Genre







YRS 11+12








YRS 7 to 10








YRS 4 to 6









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